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Henri Le Worm’s garden

There is a very clear connection between what we grow and what we eat. We feel that for multiple reasons that this connection between food and nature has been eroded to such an extent that many children do not know the most basic knowledge of where food comes from and the role that nature plays in its production. Henri Le Worm aims to re establish this link and to get children back outside exploring, gardening and using their imagination. We are therefore delighted to announce the Henri Le Worm community garden project, the brain child of head teacher Tim Baker. The idea is that a group of local schools develop a communal garden to use during school time, to teach sciences, mathematics, cooking and gardening. The garden would also be available as a safe space for the children and members of the local community to enjoy outside of school term. We have plans for the children to sell their own produce as well as learning the many skills that go with gardening.
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